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Rome Colosseum Pizzerias


Rome Colosseum Pizzerias
Rome Colosseum and Roman Forum

Don’t leave Rome without sitting down to a classic, wafer-thin, crispy Roman pizza in a lively, no-frills pizzeria. Most are open only for dinner, usually from 8 PM to midnight. Look for a place with a forno a legna (wood-burning oven), a must for a good thin crust on your plate-size Roman pizza. Standard models are the margherita (tomato, mozzarella, and basil) and the capricciosa (a little bit of everything, depending upon the “caprices” of the pizza chef: tomato,
 mozzarella, sausage, olives, artichoke hearts, prosciutto, even egg), and most pizzerias have a long list of additional options, including tasty mozzarella di bufala (made from buffalo milk).

Rome Colosseum Pizzerias: in the Heart of the Ancient Rome, close to the Flavian Amphitheater and  the Roman Forum my favorite pizzeria is Pizzeria Li Rioni (map), where an excellent thin crust Roman style pizza is served. Ask for their special “fritti”: mozzarelline, olive ascolane, supplì, filetti di baccalà and fiori di zucca. Amazing the interiors and the look of the place.

Rome Colosseum Pizzerias LI RIONI
Rome Colosseum Pizzerias – LI RIONI AI SANTI QUATTRO – Via dei Santissimi Quattro, 24

The restaurant Pizzeria Galilei offers not only good traditional roman dishes, but also a thin and crispy pizza. It is located 1 km far from the Colosseum and close to St. Mary Major Basilica (map).

Rome Colosseum Pizzerias GALILEI
Rome Colosseum Pizzerias – Ristorante Pizzeria GALILEI – Via Galilei, 12

The Pizzeria Chicco di Grano (map) is located in the Monti area, close to the Colosseum and Roman Forums. Pizzas are prepared from handmade dough and cooked in wood-burning oven. They have 40 different kind of pizza and serve also Roman food, such as homemade pasta and delicious starters.

Rome Colosseum Pizzerias Chicco di Grano
Rome Colosseum Pizzerias – Chicco di Grano – Via degli Zingari, 8

Lastly, there are a couple of places that are mentioned in the Rome Colosseum Restaurants article. They are very nice restaurants but you can get there a good pizza, too:

Trattoria Luzzi located in Via di San Giovanni in Laterano, 88 (map) and Ristorante Naumachia located in Via Celimontana, 7 (map).

Not far from the Colosseum and close to Navona Square there very good and cheap pizzeria called Pizzeria Baffetto (map) and it is well known among tourists and locals. This is why it is very crowded especially after 7.30pm. So, better go early  and avoid the long line waiting for the outside seats.

Rome Colosseum Pizzerias BAFFETTO
Rome Colosseum Pizzerias – BAFFETTO – Via del Governo Vecchio, 114

Pizzeria La Montecarlo (map) is located just around the corner from Baffetto and Piazza Navona and it is a pleasant alternative.  The pizza is good as well as home-made Roman desserts. They serve even Bucatini alla Matriciana pasta.  

Rome Colosseum Pizzerias LA MONTECARLO
Rome Colosseum Pizzerias – LA MONTECARLO – Vicolo Savelli, 13

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